The History of the Metropolitan Community Church of Topeka

MCC Topeka was born in the heart of Liz Leech after a November, 1980 visit to a Wichita MCC service. “We have to have one of those in Topeka,” she exclaimed on the return trip home.

MCC Topeka was founded in 1981 by Liz Leech, Maggie Mason, Cherl Dickeson, Roger Don Carlos and Maureen Appenfeller. The first worship service was held on February 28, 1981 at Garfield Park Shelter House with an attendance of 19.

March 1981 — Rev. Liz Leech was appointed by UFMCC as “Worship Coordinator.”

July 26-27 1981 — First 10 members received, first Congregational meeting and Board of Directors elected

Sept 20, 1981 — First Holy Union

Nov 10, 1981 — First newsletter

Nov 26, 1981 — First Thanksgiving Dinner for community. A tradition still carried on today

June 3, 1982 — First fundraiser – Garage Sale – a MCC Topeka event today

1983 — First delegate to District Conference – MCC Topeka qualified as a “Mission” church; Gay AA meeting formed – today we have numerous 12 Step groups meeting in our building

1985 — Topeka Aids Project (TAP) organized; Church filed incorporation papers

Aug 24, 1986 — First service in own building 2425 SE Indiana

Dec 1986 — Rev. Liz Leech terminates ministry

1987 — Rev. Paul Evans begins as Pastor

1990 — Became a chartered member UFMCC

1994 — Mortgage burning ceremony

1999 — Purchased new hymnals; MCC-Topeka named congregation of the week by Topeka Capitol Journal; Began “Revisioning” process; 2nd Sunday brunch initiated; applied and received grant from district to bring in a stewardship/leadership consultant

2001 — 20th Anniversary celebration

2003 — Visit from Rev Elder Lillie Brock and given the “charge” to “get out of the boat”

2004 — Toured Seabrook UCC

Feb 27, 2005 — Final worship service at 2425 SE Indiana – 54 in attendance.

Feb 05 – May 05 — Shared space with Seabrook UCC

Aug 2005 — Pastor Paul Evans celebration of 40 years in the ministry

Fall 2005 — Purchased current building at 4425 SW 19th Street

Jan 2006 — Progressive dinner with Plymouth Prebyterian Church and Universal Universalist Fellowship church

Feb 2006 — Celebration of 19th anniversary of Pastor Paul and MCC Topeka

Jan 2007 — Pastor Paul’s retirement

Apr 2007 — Rev. Patrick Rogers begins as Interim Pastor

Jan 2009 — Rev. Patrick Rogers ends his Intentional Interim Ministry

March 2009 — Rev. Dr. Ty Sweeting begins as Senior Pastor.

February 2011 — Celebration of the 30th Anniversary of the founding of the church, with special guest Rev. Elder Troy Perry, founder of our denomination.

November 13, 2011— Rev. Dr. Ty Sweeting’s resignation

January 1, 2012 — Rev. Dr. Carol Trissell of MCC of Greater Saint Louis becomes supervising pastor, with assistance from Student Clergy Gina Durbin and Kelly Durbin

June 1, 2012 – Rev. Dr. Carol Trissell is appointed as Intentional Interim Pastor.

February 28, 2014 – Rev. Dr. Carol Trissell’s term  as MCC Topeka’s Interim Pastor expires and is appointed Intentional Interim Pastor at Spirit of Hope MCC in Kansas City, Missouri.

July 2015    Rev. Paul Whiting installed as pastor
April 2016    Rev. Whiting becomes full-time Senior Pastor


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